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1. The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business,
    as by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media.
2. The business of designing and writing advertisements.
3. Advertisements considered as a group: This paper takes no advertising.

beussery imagery co is North Carolina, WNC and Asheville's Alpha graphic design, print production, brand identity, web development, multimedia, advertising agency and search engine optimization synergy.  A brand, new media, multimedia, print, synergy specializing in state-of-the-art digital media, beussery imagery co communicates your message from the front of the line. 

As an Adobe Solutions Network Print Service Provider, beussery produces vibrant imagery for print and new media application.  Clients rest a little easier knowing beussery quality is verified by the OLCP hologram and backed by 200 colleges, universities, The NCAA and Heisman Trophy.

New media, multimedia and world wide web advertising is unlike traditional print advertising.  Web designs that also advertise require marketing expertise and multidisciplinary technical specialization.  beussery designs, hand codes, develops, produces and deploys advanced interactive web portals.  beussery is a web developer and web designer but, beussery multimedia productions are different than those made by "the computer guy down the street."   As you know the essential element in web advertising is search engine optimization.  SEO, search engine optimization, SEM, search engine marketing, is "how you get your web site to out rank the competition on search engine directories like Google Yahoo and MSN."  beussery has no secret formula, software, extra domains or cubbyhole partners at Google but delivers world class results. 

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Licensing Company Products for the University 
of Georgia UGA College World Series and NCAA Championships.

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