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code of conduct

We recognize that various intellectual property laws and treaties protect computer software. Unauthorized copying, distribution, and use of computer software is illegal, unethical, and against the principles of our company.

We denounce such activities and agree to the following rules of business conduct:

We will not engage in or tolerate the unauthorized copying, distribution, or use of computer software under any circumstances, including without limitation:

Copying, distribution, or use of counterfeit, infringing and/or unauthorized software and related components. This includes but is not limited to: CD-ROMs, Certificates of Authenticity (COAs), End-user License Agreements (EULAs), manuals and/or other components distributed with software programs.

Copying, distribution, or use of OEM, academic, beta, fulfillment, evaluation, Not for Resale (NFR), or other versions of software programs in a manner that is inconsistent with the applicable distribution and licensing terms authorized by the software publisher.

Copying, distribution, or use of CD-ROMs, EULAs, COAs, manuals, or other software components in a manner that is inconsistent with the applicable distribution and licensing terms authorized by the software publisher.

We will instruct all customers, employees, and users of computer software about the proper distribution and use of the programs based on the accompanying software licenses.

We understand that we may not act as a Microsoft? Software Advisor and receive Advisor Fees on our own behalf when we purchase Listed Software Licenses for our own use.

We understand that we may not request or receive Advisor Fees from Microsoft for any acquisition of software licenses or any other Microsoft software by any governmental entity or agency or any of their political or administrative subdivisions, and that we have the sole responsibility to provide adequate notice to any party to whom we have a legal or fiduciary duty of disclosure that we will be receiving an Advisor Fee from Microsoft for each order on which we are named as the Microsoft Software Advisor.

We agree to bear full legal responsibility and consequences for any illegal or unauthorized copying, distribution or use of computer software by our company and our employees acting within the scope of their employment. This includes payment of damages and other remedies available to the copyright holder, as well as civil and criminal penalties.


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