Little Known Link Opportunities for 2009

There have been a number of recent posts focused on link building and finding quality inbound links. In addition to those better known sites offering non-nofollowed link love, here are some other examples you may not have noticed.

  • Blogger - The new "Blogs I Follow" feature doesn't seem to nofollow outbound links.
  • Google Notebook - Google's notebook is still nofollow free from direct inbound links...
  • Google Panoramio (photos in Google Maps/Earth) - is a good place for links but you'll need a little content.
  • Google Profiles - one place to find all your social network and blog links.
  • Google Knol - In case you missed it, once you've achieved "trusted" author status, the juice follows!
  • Facebook - That's right, it seems as though some search savvy marketers have been using Facebook's "closed" social network for open link love. The example above changes frequently but you'll see what I mean in short order...
  • Twitter - Have you noticed Twitter's mobile pages in SERPs recently? They seem to be passing PageRank...
  • Pownce - Despite extinction, Pownce appears to be the gift that keeps giving in 2009!
  • MyBlogLog - A personal favorite that gives a little link love to users.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and remember to link safely in 2009!