Monthly Archives: May 2009

When possible, Google customizes SERPs based on geo, a user's previous query and perhaps even other factors. When signed into their Google Account, users may see "even more relevant, useful results" based on their web history. Google's indicates when customized SERPs are being displayed. This indication is often located on the top right hand side of the page but, it can appear centered at the bottom of the page below results.

I just posted the following at

"Announced last week at Google Searchology, "Google Squared" seems to be close to launch! The URL had been an "Error" but now resolves to a page that says:

"Google Squared – Coming Soon

Google Squared will be coming soon. For now, why not have fun squaring some numbers?"

The page contains a few interesting "Easter Eggs" that include Time Square and 42....

As you know Google recently caused havoc for some analytics platforms by including #anchors (aka pound signs, fragment identifiers) in SERP URLs. Just a quick post today to mention they're back! Noticed #anchors in my SERPs this morning and I've been seeing them on and off all day.

Update - Matt Cutts confirmed this issue last week but I haven't seen any hints of the new testing until now. Hat tip to Barry for the 411! :) Thanks to Ionut Alex Chitu for emailing to also point out that Google's new Wonder Wheel feature launched earlier this week, always uses AJAX URLs with #anchors. It's going to be interesting to see what impact this change has on various tools, something to be aware of for sure....