Google Fast Filp is the latest cool new application from a company known for innovation. Google Fast Flip lets users discover and share news articles online but in a more traditional way. Flip is s kind of like an online print publication only with pages you can turn. In order to make this all possible Google is scaning images of articles from it's partner websites and then displaying them all in one easy to read place .

Back in May, Google introduced support for Rich Snippets in SERPs. These snippets can be extracted from structured data annotations provided to search engines via microformat or in RDFa embedded by webmasters. These structured data annotations can provide not only quality signals but also reviews, personal information, product details and even business contacts. Obviously, when this data appears in SERPs it's going to have a direct impact on click-through rates. As a result perhaps, Google has launched a new tool for webmasters to preview Rich Snippets. The new Google Webmaster Rich Snippet Testing Tool according to Google, is to help webmasters enhance "search results by marking up web pages with Microformats or RDFa." This kind of structured data could help improve the quality of SERPs and is already being used by sites like beu blog, Google Profiles, LinkedIn and others....

Rich Snippet SERP example

Like Google, Google Wave uses advanced operators for it's search functionality. Wave allows users options to search with advanced operators by Keyword, Status, Participant, Date, Folder, Attachment, Tag, Gadget, Expression, Phrase, XML, Wave ID, Inbox, Saved Searches, Filters and more. Earlier today, a "quick guide to the operators and restricts supported by wave search" was added to Google Wave user accounts.

Here is a screen shot of Google Wave's advanced search operator cheat sheet: