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{brand engineer}
1. a strategic minded, interdiciplinary creative, technology handyman.

"Mass-media advertising has long been the cornerstone of most brand building efforts. But that norm is threatening to become obsolete. Fragmentation and rising costs are already inhibiting marketing through traditional mass media like television."

"...companies delegate the development of brand strategy to someone who lacks the clout and incentives to think strategically, or they pass the task to an advertising agency. Relying on an agency leads to two problems."

"... it creates a distance between senior managers and their key asset - the brand. That distance ... can result in confusion for customers, loss of synergy and ultimately, performance that falls short of potential. Second, most agencies' ... incentives ... lead them to rely on mass-media advertising as their primary brand-building device."

"... companies do not have a single, shared vision of their brand's identity. Instead, the brand is allowed to drift, driven by the often changing tactical communication objectives of product or market managers."

"A clear and effective brand identity, one for which there is understanding and buy-in throughout the organization, should be linked to the business's vision and its organizational culture and values."

-Harvard Business Review

For a number of years MBAs, ad agencies, CPAs and marketers have been regular fixtures in the development of products and services. Our world has changed! Success in todays highly competitive dynamic market requires creative multidisciplinary synergy that is both big picture innovative and expertise traditional. Attention to detail is a must!

Creatives' of this caliber are a new breed, referred to as brand engineers or brand architects. These Multi-disciplinary, media unlimited gurus cross boundaries and provide cohesive, new and innovative solutions. A Brand Engineer is an advertising agency, marketing group, brand strategist and a whole lot more!

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