1. A trademark design, distinctive name, or unique style characteristic of a single product or manufacturer.

What is brand?
Brand is what ever they say it is. Brand is not ever what you say it is. Brand is exciting! Brand keeps them coming back for more. Brand is that first mental imagery, or the essence of the product.

What is brand identity?
A characteristic associated with some particular organization, product, service or individual.

What is a brand identity application?
Anything that contains an element or elements of brand identity.

What is brand collateral?
A brand identity application applied to a particular media format.

What is brand gap?
The distance between business strategy and popular opinion.

What is brand success?
Total brand domination, in all brand media, all brand time, all brand place and with little brand gap.

Brands that succeed may do as they please. By virtue alone successful brands dominate the marketplace and at a premium. So, what is the secret to brand success and an increased bottom line? The ability to develop consistent, creative, strategic, optimized, cross-media branding in each and every brand new media format, all the time, everywhere.

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