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The past few months have been a pleasure, visiting with Georgia Bulldog fans, UGA Alumni and students at the University of Georgia. To UGA Fans from Chickamauga to Waycross and Atlanta through Vienna, thank you all.

Earlier this year, I reserved a number of "Senatus Academicus" UGA Print, Artist’s Proofs to donate in support of 2004-2005 philanthropy and / or fundraising initiatives by UGA Student Organizations and University of Georgia Bulldog Clubs. I am happy to make these rare and unique, very limited edition, signed and numbered Official UGA Artist’s Proofs available only, to registered University of Georgia student organizations and Official Georgia Bulldog Clubs in Georgia.

But, there is a catch and that is, I am working on a T.A.K.G program at Georgia Bulldogs Games and may be contacting you for your help soon.

Please email for all the details, more information and Gooooo Dogs!

- beu

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Commissioned in 2003, the "Senatus Academicus" pen & ink design by Brian E. Ussery is the Official Licensed Indicia of the University of Georgia® and may not be downloaded, modified, or otherwise used without the express written permission of beussery™ and the University of Georgia®. Printed in USA by beussery™ in compliance member FLA.


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