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As both a Collegiate and University of Georgia Representative beussery must comply with all CLC, NCAA, SEC, UGA and UGA Athletics regulations. Therefore it is our responsibility to inform you of the following information regarding compliance and ask your help by immediately reporting infraction related issues to beussery.

beussery ensures the quality and consistency of all production merchandise, protects related trademark indicia.

beussery works to produce revenue that supports and enhances programs and funds scholarships of member schools and conferences.

beussery helps inform and protect the consumer from faulty or inferior products bearing the trademarks of CLC members.

beussery does not extend "extra benefits" special discounts or arrangements to student-athletes or their friends and family that are not available to the general student body or public as this could jeopardize the student-athlete's eligibility. Any student-athlete that receives extra benefits must be declared ineligible and will have to repay the benefit received and possibly be suspended for competition.

beussery will not use of the name or likeness of any person who has current or remaining collegiate athletic eligibility on or in connection with the sale or promotion of any commercial product or service. beussery shall not encourage or participate in any activity that would cause an athlete or a Collegiate Institution to violate any such rule of a governing body of any intercollegiate athletic conference.

beussery does not endorse and may not be part of any advertisements considered not in the best interests of higher education. Such prohibited advertisements include, alcoholic beverages that exceed six percent alcohol by volume, cigarettes and other tobacco products, professional sports organizations or personnel (except as specified hereafter) in games other than certified postseason football games, organizations promoting gambling and state lotteries, nontherapeutic drugs and, in general, other drugs and patent medicine advertisements are excluded; however, analgesics, cold remedies, antacids and athletics training aids that are in general use are acceptable. Institutional advertising by pharmaceutical firms also is acceptable.

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Report Counterfeit Merchandise.
Commissioned in 2003, the "Senatus Academicus" design by Brian E. Ussery is the Official Licensed Indicia of the University of Georgia and may not be distributed, downloaded, modified, reused, re-posted or otherwise used except as provided herein without the express written permission of beussery, UGA and CLC. beussery Member FLA.


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