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1. high art or beaux-art, is art of universal transcendence, having withstood the test of time and representing the epitome of artistic achievement, as opposed to low art, which is also known as mass culture.

Fine artist and illustrator, Brian E. Ussery specializes in pen and ink architectural renderings. Brian’s first print "Senatus Academicus" UGA Print number one, the Official Licensed Indicia of the University of Georgia was published in 2003 and "print number two" is on the way.

Brian is Officially Licensed by the University of Georgia and The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) consortium which consists of more than 200 colleges and universities, bowl games, The NCAA® and Heisman® Trophy.

Known for fine quality and superior detail Brian's work appears in print, on the web, and in private collections. Commissioned works include: National Landmarks, celebrities, structures of political importance, religious icons, buildings, landscapes, public places, and private homes. Brian is a 2004 US Postal art applicant, eagerly awaiting design assignment and has a third, equally impressive work that he hopes to release soon.

University of Georgia Official UGA Print by Brian Ussery.

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