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Studios New Media MP4 AAC

In order for it to say Dolby® AAC you must use a Dolby Professional Encoder. The studios listed below have equipment needed to produce high quality .mp4, MPEG Layer 4, AAC or Live Stream data used for Dolby® AAC or AAC encoded content. Call or email beussery imagery co today for more information on the use of Dolby® AAC encoded content and streaming live audio / video productions.

Bearsville, NY - Nestled in the heart of New York's Catskill mountains, Bearsville Studios were conceived and built by artist manager Albert B. Grossman in 1970. Although secluded, the studios are only five minutes from the shops and cafes of Woodstock, NY and two hours by car, bus or rail from New York City.

Big MO
Silver Springs, MD - For over 15 years Big Mo has been a full service audio remote production facility providing 24/32/48 track recording to the music, video, radio and television industries. Big Mo offers an experienced musical crew of engineers, tape operators and stage managers who possess a commitment to excellence, as well as, flexibility and availability to meet your production needs. With our Full Production Truck, Digital Truck and portable flight packs, we are fully equipped to provide on site audio support for live multitrack recordings, video and film shoots, as well as live mixing for radio and television broadcasts.

Colossal Mastering
Chicago, IL - The premiere audio mastering facility, everything you'd want: comfortable, creative, reliable and the source for a dynamic, powerful and sonically competitive master. Mastering engineer Dan Stout provides Colossal's ears and experience, while the studio features the AudioCube 5 mastering system plus Avalon, Manley, Legacy, Apogee, Weiss, Ampex. Our clients come from all major genres and from many corners of the globe. Call or visit web site for more info!

Miami, FL - Criteria Recording Studio was established in 1958 as an outgrowth of founder Mack Emerman's hobby. Originally a trumpet player, Mack's jazz leanings led him to begin recording in his home and later on-site. Criteria was the first in the Southeast with monaural disc mastering and stereophonic recording in 1954.

Digital Base Productions
Lubbock, TX - Computer Telephony • Post Production• Custom Audio for Film and Video Surround Sound • Multimedia Production • Film and Video Production Editing • DVD Authoring 600 square foot tracking room, boasting acoustically matched mahogany walls and maple floors. You will hear the difference!

Dragon Fly East
Haymarket, VA - Just Good Vibes watch Dragon Fly East!

Karen Hutton
Nashville, TN - Karen is a sound fanatic. Her studio was created in a "his and her" partnership that combines the expertise from her 20 years of voice experience with his 30 years as a professional live and recording musician. Sometimes, anal is good. Not to mention a couple sets of good ears.

New York City - Great vibe and classic equipment at the corner of 4th Street and Broadway. Studio A: overdub and mix. Studio A: Edit. Studio 66: Off-site guerilla recording and pre-production.64-channel API Legacy console, 12-channel NEVE sidecar, both with Neve Flying Faders. Studer A800 two-inch, Ampex ATR-102 half-inc. 32 I/O Protools Mix Plus. ATC speakers, EMT plate, Telefunken and Neumann mics. Jarvis has what you need to make great records.

John Keane Studios
Athens, GA - Opened in 1981, John Keane Studios is located in Athens, GA. It has been host to a wide variety of artist such as R.E.M., Indigo Girls, Nancy Griffith, Widespread Panic, Cowboy Junkies, Uncle Tupelo and Vic Chesnutt.

Check out the book and Keane Lok too!

M Works Mastering
Cambrige, MA - Comprised of 3 audio suites designed by George Augspurger, M Works Mastering Studios specialize in providing the highest quality services in mastering for CD. Enhanced CD / DVD Audio, editing, restoration, and 5.1 Surround utilizing today's state-of-the-art technology to accomodate all musical idioms. Over 3,000 credits from James Taylor to Aerosmith to DEVO. Equipment: Sonic Solutions, HDCD, PCM 1630, Sintefex, Weiss…and much more!

Master House
Miami, FL - A state-of-the-art mastering facility, dedicated to serving the needs of clients in the US, Mexico, Central and Sound America, with the highest sound quality and professional service. Master House provides a variety of services including audio mastering, album compilation and assembly, digital editing, audio restoration, and CD duplication. Centrally located just minutes away from entertainment, hotels, shopping, golf, beaches, and Miami International Airport.

Washington D.C. - Located in downtown Washington, D.C., Studio 4A offers a spectacular recording environment well-suited to all music genres. Studio 4A, at 2,600 sq. feet, is one of the largest recording facilities on the East Coast. They offer digital and analog multitrack recording, an extensive mic collection, digital editing suites and CD mastering. NPR also offers satellite uplinking, fiber-optic and ISDN capabilities worldwide.

New York - Sterling has always been an innovator, pioneering advances in the delivery of music on every format from LP to DVD. So as the music industry begins the shift toward new technologies and delivery mediums, Sterling Sound is working with industry leaders to insure that these mediums deliver the most faithful representation of artists recorded works.  We're working hard to take the mastery of mastering into the new century. 

Right Track
New York City - Behind a seemingly anonymous doorway on Manhattan's famous music business street is one of the world's most distinctive studios. Right Track Recording has been a leading-edge facility virtually since its inception 25 years ago. Will Smith, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Pat Metheny won 1998 Grammys for material recorded at Right Track, and numerous other major artists, including Busta Rhymes, Barbara Streisand, Metallica, David Bowie, Sting, Whitney Houston, Madonna, and the Rolling Stones have all found a home for their music at the facility.

New York City - Recording studio built by musicians for musicians - we pride ourselves on this fact.  Spike caters to the needs of major label, Indie label and independent projects with quality music production services and a high tech recording studio at great rates. Spike Recording is a state-of-the-art studio that offers clients an intimate recording environment while maintaining a world-class level of technical excellence, Spike is known as the feel at home recording studio.

Warehouse Studio

we are the warehouse studio
we are a recording studio
we are specialists in audio recording and mixing
we are located in Vancouver, Canada

Each of the studios listed above has equipment needed to produce high quality AAC data for AAC encoded content. But if you are looking the the top of the hill you may need to visit the the ranch.

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