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Pen and Ink

Architectural Renderer Brian E. Ussery specializes in pen and ink architectural renderings.  Brian is one of three artist Officially Licensed by the University of Georgia and perhaps the only pen and ink fine art architectural renderer licensed by The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC)

Known for fine quality and superior detail Brian’s work appears in print, on the web, and in private collections.  Commissioned works include: structures listed on the US Park Service’s National Registry of Historic Places, National Landmarks, structures of political importance, religious icons, buildings, landscapes, public places, and private homes. 

Renderings are first drawn by hand in pencil and then completely redrawn the second time over the first, only this time using ink.  These one to two hundred hour works of fine art are created using A.W. Faber-Castell & Co. TG1-S .12mm, .18mm, .25mm, .35mm, and .50mm technical writing instruments, available only in Europe.  Mr. Ussery renders various sizes each on a surface of Bienfang Bristol Vellum, 148lbs. professional heavy weight drawing paper.  Each rendering is acid free, ph neutral, and environmentally sound.  Finally when certain that all ink is completely dry, stray pencil marks are carefully erased, the surface is prepared, and renderings are sealed using Krylon clear UV-resistant acrylic coating in triplicate application.


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