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New Media Innovation

AAC is a new perceptual audio code that filters audio data keeping only the portion the human ear can actually hear. mp4 AAC provides more efficient compression and much better sound quality than older formats like mp3. mp4 AAC plays back on a wide variety of devices, from satellite television to wireless pda.

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Dolby AAC
mp4 with Dolby AAC is a new technology that achieves audio quality equivalent to or higher than CD audio. Dolby AAC technology is intended mainly for Internet audio applications, while Dolby Digital technology is intended for multimedia, digital television and cinema applications, which can accommodate higher bit rates.

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SEOs or "search engine optimizers" help website owners increase page rank and numerical position on relevant search engine directories like Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and Alta Vista.

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Quicktime VR 360
Viewers explore immersive virtual worlds using just a computer and their mouse with QuickTime VR 360.

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