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New Media Web Design Synergy

New Media is electronic communication.

Multi-Media or multimedia is electronic communication via cd or dvd.

Multimedia is new media.

Analog media or old media becomes new media and possibly multimedia when digitally remasterd.

beussery offers a full line of new media, multimedia, graphics, web sonification and imagery applications that are both superior in quality and state-of-the-art.  Virtual reality simulations, 360 VR, aerial photography, space imaging, 3d transfer, immersive video technology, pdf, charts, graphs, streaming video, audio, and Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) standard digital frame animation are but a few of the services available. 

beussery can design, create, modify, or improve corporate presentations for use via CD-ROM or on the world wide web.  Demonstrations of this nature are useful for new product introductions, sales presentations, real-estate, visual instruction, video presentation, and all other general advertising purposes.


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