Productivity beyond the office walls.
Your employees are everywhere.

To stay ahead in today's marketplace, your business must be flexible. That means enabling employees who are in and out of the office.

Your company needs powerful solutions to keep employees connected to the information they need most to maintain a high level of productivity. Get the most efficient Microsoft® solutions with Microsoft Windows® XP Professional, Office XP, and Visio 2002.

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Enable employees wherever they may be.

Imagine your staff being more connected, with better ways to collaborate, from any location. Now they can.
  • Employees can take all the information they need with them, and work as if they're at their own desk.

  • Multiple users in multiple locations can collaborate with each other and create a single document.

  • Users can stay fully informed no matter when, or from where, they check in.

  • IT staff can support remote PCs as if they were right in front of them.

  • Wireless users can easily get connected with minimal IT support.
A 2002 Microsoft and KPMG Consulting study showed that TCO was reduced by an average of $187 per desktop and $387 per mobile PC, enabling companies to achieve average ROI of 203%, after upgrading to Windows XP Professional.1
Productivity beyond the notebook.

Your perfect office would have a truly innovative tool that impacts how your employees create and share ideas. Now it can. Imagine a tool that provides the power of a PC, with the added versatility to take notes and edit documents directly on the screen. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is the ultimate mobile platform.

Keep your mobile workforce up and running.

Maximize the investment in your workforce by increasing company-wide productivity, lowering your IT costs, and improving your company's ability to respond to customer needs and market shifts.

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1 Source: September 2001 Microsoft Consulting Services and Immedient Corporation business value study by KPMG Consulting.