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New Media Synergy

beussery is pleased to be Officially Licensed by the following:

     Adobe Systems

Each day, millions of people worldwide turn to Adobe® award-winning software to bring ideas to life on the Web, the printed page, and video. Adobe® is increasingly providing enterprise and creative customers with the tools needed to do their jobs better and faster. In fact, a majority of the images on the Web today were created or modified with one or more of Adobe® products, such as Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Acrobat®, Adobe GoLive®, Adobe FrameMaker®, Adobe Premiere®, and Adobe After Effects®.

     Apple Computer

Apple® is the first major computer company to make open source development a key part of its ongoing software strategy. As a result we rock the world with quicktime® , itunes® , ipod® and the worlds fastest most powerful virus free personal computer, the Power Mac® G-5.

     Associated Press Digital

AP Digital® is a division of The Associated Press®, the worlds largest news agency. We provide news and information to Web sites, wireless operators, and other new media applications. We offer you news categorized and packaged to meet your needs. Our content is rich in general international and national news.

     The Collegiate Licensing Company

The Collegiate Licensing Company® (CLC) is the nation's leading collegiate licensing and marketing representative.  Formed in 1981, CLC assists collegiate licensors in protecting and controlling the use of their logos through trademark licensing.

The CLC Consortium consists of more than 200 universities, bowl games, conferences, the NCAA, Final Four and the Heisman Trophy.

     Creative Latitude

Creative Latitude is a worldwide community that unites various creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice. Creative Latitude offers you the ability to find all the services you need in one handy place.

     Dolby Laboratories

In 1965, American engineer and physicist Ray Dolby established Dolby® Laboratories in London. His aim was to develop practical noise reduction systems for improving sound quality in a variety of professional and consumer environments. The resulting innovations have made the name Dolby® synonymous with quality audio throughout the world.

Dolby® AAC technology is the new standard in professional audio. It provides more efficient compression than older formats such as MP3, yet delivers quality rivaling that of uncompressed CD audio.

     Earthlink Inc.

EarthLink® Inc. is the Internet service provider (ISP) solution for an impatient world.


Fujifilm® has been developed ProNet™ for professional photographers and photojournalist in order to provide them with an outstanding level of support and service with information on Fujifilm® professional products.

     Indie Music

Indie-Music.com is a destination for independent musicians. Both amateur and veteran musicians regularly log on to Indie-Music.com for the latest news, articles, and contact directory updates. Thousands subscribe to the twice-monthly Indie-Music.com Indie News tip sheet.

     Kaeser and Blair

Founded in 1894, we have over 100 years of continuous, uninterrupted operation through two world wars and the Great Depression. Kaeser and Blair™ is a family owned and operated national corporation with annual sales exceeding 40 million dollars.


At Microsoft®, we're motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our software to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to what's most important to them.


Symantec®, (SYMC) the world leader in Internet security technology, provides a broad range of content and network security software and appliance solutions to individuals, enterprises and service providers.
Norton® AntiVirus 2004 by Symantec®, the world's most trusted antivirus solution now also detects certain non-virus threats such as spyware and keystroke loggers.

     the University of Georgia

The University of Georgia®, is the state's flagship institution of higher education. It is also the state's oldest, most comprehensive and most diversified institution of higher education. Its motto, "to teach, to serve and to inquire into the nature of things," reflects the university's integral and unique role in the conservation and enhancement of the state's and nation's intellectual, cultural and environmental heritage.

     the University of Georgia Athletic Department

At the University of Georgia Athletic Association®, our mission is to offer nationally competitive intercollegiate athletic programs, which reflect the interests of our students and faculty, the Southeastern Conference, and the people of Georgia and of the nation, who support our activities.

     network solutions

VeriSign® Inc. delivers critical infrastructure services that make the Internet and telecommunications networks more intelligent, reliable, and secure. Every day VeriSign® partners help thousands of businesses and millions of consumers connect, communicate, and transact with confidence.

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