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beussery™  25 TOP RESEARCH SITES

   -Stanford University: Computer Science Publications>
    *****note: sun id requires SU sponsor
   -Stanford University: Google Instruction >
   -MIT: Web Courses, Design and Development>
   -MIT Application Workbook>
   -Yale: Web Style Guide>
   -Washington University Web Guide>
   -Cornell Legal Information Institute>

   -Veen dot com>
   -Bell Laboratory for Multi Media >
   -User Centered Design>

   -US Copyright Office>
   -Christensen, Miller, Fink, Jacobs, Glaser, Weil & Shapiro, LLP>

media and publications
   -The Associated Press: Digital>
   -CIA World Factbook>

search engine
   -Robot Exclusion Protocol>
   -Dublin Metadata Core Initiative>
   -Google Adword tool>
   -Submit Open Directory>
   -Search Engine Watch>

   -Trust e site guide>
   -IBM Research Laboratory, Zurich>
   -Center for Advanced Computing>
   -International Association for Cryptologic Research>
   -US Advanced Encryption Standard>


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