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ROI, Return on Investment

"Unleash the full revenue potential of your website.

Google AdSense is for web publishers who want to make more revenue from advertising on their site while maintaining editorial quality. AdSense delivers text-based Google AdWords ads that are relevant to what your readers see on your pages and Google pays you.

* Earn money when users click on AdWords ads displayed on your site.

* Enhance user experience with relevant ads that will interest your users.

* Manage your own account with easy-to-use tools to track your earnings.

* Get started fast and pay nothing to participate. Once approved, serve ads in minutes."

- Google AdSense®

Consider this:  If your web site earns just one dollar an hour you receive $8,760.00 per year from Google®.  If you site earns $5.00 per hour you receive $43,800 per year from Google®.

How much money are you and your website making right now? 

To see Google Ad Sense® in action just scroll down the page, then call beussery to code Ad Sense® into you site today.  Thank you for your visit.


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