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Supersonic New Media

beussery digitally masters audio-visual productions and engineers audio encoded for multi-rate compression. All services are confidential by contractual obligation and deliverable via secure, password protected, digitally encrypted media format. Services include custom media player interface design and all code necessary for web application.

-- New Media / Multimedia / CD / DVD / EPK / DAT / FTP / DART / Zip / HTTP / HTTPS/ Internet: Video / Audio, Live Audio, Streaming Media, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Quicktime Virtual Reality 360, Real, Flash, SWF, FLV, mp2, mp3, mp4, mp4 AAC, MPEG-4, MPEG-3, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MPEG, WAV, AOL Radio, Dolby® AAC®, Dolby Digital®

-- .mpeg (aka Moving Picture Experts Group) / .mp2, .mp3, .mp4 (aka Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 2, 3, 4) / .mp2 AAC, .mp4 AAC (aka Advanced Audio Coding under 30 MHZ MPEG-2 AAC / above 32 kbps per channel MPEG-4 AAC ISO/IEC 14496-3, Subpart 4) / AMR (aka Adaptive Multi-Rate) / 3GPP (aka 3rd Generation Partnership Project / for wireless devices cell phones, pda, palm, wap, xml) / MPA (aka Motion Picture Association) / MPAA (aka Motion Picture Association of America)

These services require a written authorization from each of the following: copyright owner/s, artist/s, producer/s, studio / record label executive.


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