Standing ready to jump at any possible opportunity is a whole raft of new, more complex Internet threats - like Blaster and Slammer - that find it easy to exploit holes in your network security. These smarter, blended security threats are harder to detect and defeat and will only wreak more havoc in the future. How do you stop something that may not yet exist?

The best way to keep out complex threats is to present a unified front. Patchwork security solutions from multiple vendors often leave cracks and incompatibilities that can be exploited. Symantec Client Security integrates antivirus, firewall, and intrusion detection protection into a centralized management console, which gives you:
The nightmare of finding security solutions for all your PCs is over. Now there's one solution, backed by Symantec™ Security Response - the world's leading Internet security research and support team that can protect all of your network and remote clients. And provide updated protection against whatever comes your way.

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