UGA Arch Print

"Senatus Academicus"
UGA Arch Print by Brian Ussery
University of Georgia, Official Licensed Collegiate Artist

University of Georgia Print number one "Senatus Academicus" UGA Arch Prints by Brian Ussery.

beussery™ is pleased to offer the original first state, first edition, individually signed limited edition fine art collectors' UGA print by Official University of Georgia artist Brian E. Ussery.

Each Official UGA print is custom framed in the beussery design, "suspended animation", black wood frame with double glass mat.

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For more information and the history of the Senatus Academicus UGA Founders UGA Athens, GA see Building UGA,   Georgia Garden,   UGA Arch and UGA: "The Arch" in Society, Architecture and Print as well as donation information for: Georgia Bulldog Club / UGA Student Organizations.

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Commissioned by the University of Georgia in May 2003, the architectural rendering in pen & ink "Senatus Academicus" design by Brian E. Ussery is the Official Licensed Indicia of the University of Georgia® Athens, GA U.S.A. and may not be downloaded, modified, or otherwise used without the express written permission of beussery™ and the University of Georgia®. Printed in the USA, marketed world-wide and produced exclusively by beussery™ imagery co., a CLC Authorized OLCP Manufacturer in full compliance member FLA, ILO.

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