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Web Design

beussery imagery co. has the unique ability to create custom web page designs coded by hand.  Being fluent in Hypertext Markup Language (html) has many design advantages on the world wide web.  There is no limit for functionality potential in a beussery custom web design creation.  beussery is qualified and experienced in helping clients achieve high rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta-Vista, Ask Jeeves, and others.  beussery lists web sites on any and all major search engine directories.  The ability to code by hand allows beussery to register web sites manually, a superior method to automated systems available.

The correct placement of Meta tags and choice of keywords is essential in attracting more search engine notice and traffic to beussery designer web site creations.  Our Search Engine Optimization skill is the result of constant research and study.  We stay up to date with published reports from Stanford University, MIT, the World Wide Web Consortium, Google, Yahoo, Fast, Search Engine Watch, as well as other sources.  By understanding the relationships and architecture of search engines it is possible to create the opportunity and high positioning that our clients enjoy.  In addition to html, xml, xhtml, java, keyword, Meta tags, and search engine registration there are a number of other strategies, algorithmic calculations, considerations, and factors we incorporate into each of our original web design productions.

In short our ability to see the whole picture makes you money!


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