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The Arch: UGA Arch Athens

Lacking $1000.00 and the needed technology Georgia instituted a sale of land. The State Botanical Garden was sold in order to fund a more permanent hedge at UGA. With proceeds of this 1856 sale of land, UGA commissioned artist Thomas Baily to design and create a fence and arch style gate in Athens, reminiscent of the Arch seen in the Georgia State Seal.

"The current Great Seal of Georgia was adopted by the State Constitution of 1798. On its front side appear three pillars supporting an arch, emblematic of the three branches of government - the legislative, judicial and executive. A man stands with a drawn sword defending the Constitution whose principles are wisdom, justice and moderation."
-The State of Georgia

Cast of wrought iron at the Athens Foundry Mr. Baily erected his finished work in 1858.

In 1885 the two heavy gates used to secure the University of Georgia campus were removed. In 1946 two globes with electric lights were added above each of the outer two columns and the Arch was moved 8 feet from Broad Street.

The work of Thomas Baily known today as The UGA Arch represents the Georgia State Constitution, wisdom, justice, moderation, and perhaps, The Senatus Academicus.

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