UGA Arch Print

"Senatus Academicus"
UGA Arch Print by Brian Ussery
University of Georgia, Official Licensed Collegiate Artist

UGA Athens, Georgia
After nearly 10 years of debate the site for the University of Georgia was agreed upon in 1796. The site, named after a classical center of learning half a world away was described for the first time in print July 25, 1801.

“...six hundred and thirty three acres, was purchased of Mr. Easley, by Mr. Milledge, one of the committee, and made a donation of to the Trustees; and it was called Athens."

"On one side the land is cleared; the other is wood-land. On the cleared side are two ample orchards of apple and peach trees; forming artificial copses, between the site and the river, preferable to the common under growth of nature.

What little vapour rises at any time from the river is always attracted by the opposite hills, towards the rising sun. About two hundred yards from the site, and at least three hundred feet above the level of the river, in the midst of an extensive bed of rock, issues a copious spring of excellent water; and, in its meanderings to the river, several others are discovered.

The sky, in general, is clear and azure; the air dry, elastic and vivifying; and a fact in our natural history not before known, is, that the air in that elevated region of our state, during the warm months, is felt from the westward and not form the southward; and when it comes from the latter, it is considered as a certain symptom of approaching rain.”

-The Augusta Chronicle; July 25, 1801

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Commissioned by the University of Georgia in May 2003, the architectural rendering in pen & ink "Senatus Academicus" design by Brian E. Ussery is the Official Licensed Indicia of the University of Georgia® Athens, GA U.S.A. and may not be downloaded, modified, or otherwise used without the express written permission of beussery™ and the University of Georgia®. Printed in the USA, marketed world-wide and produced exclusively by beussery™ imagery co., a CLC Authorized OLCP Manufacturer in full compliance member FLA, ILO.

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