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In Paris there is the Arc de Triomphe, in Rome St. Peter's Basilica and in Athens The Arch at UGA.

A true wonder of architectural design is the arch. So simply smart, the arch was originally thought to be unbound by laws of nature and gravity, perhaps even a gateway to celestial enlightenment. First invented by the Moors, then used by the Romans, the arch remains a key element in the history of society, human civilization and is incorporated into the most Holy of architectures still today.

Arches serve not only to support, but also to direct light, thus defining spatial perception and aesthetic beauty. Because of it's exceptional strength, support and aesthetic value the arch is used as an element of design in architecture, furniture, print, industrial manufacturing, acoustics and even the world wide web. From the Alhambra and Roman Pantheon to the University of Georgia Arch in Athens no other form is as far reaching, divinely inspirational, or unlimited in potential application.

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