UGA Arch Print

"Senatus Academicus"
UGA Arch Print by Brian Ussery
University of Georgia, Official Licensed Collegiate Artist

The University of Georgia Senatus Academicus, was created by an act of the House of Assembly of Georgia in 1784 to establish and oversee

"a plat of land where agricultural experiments might be made and observations in Botany and Natural History be taken".
- Abraham Baldwin.

Under the supervision of the Senatus Academicus, UGA was born in Mr. Thomas Stone's Bay Street "Coffee House" in Savannah, Georgia on January 28, 1785. Later that same day the House of Assembly of Georgia along with the Senatus Academicus appointed Yale graduate, Abraham Baldwin as first president of the proposed institution.

Unlike the European universities of the day, early American university design placed an emphasis on aesthetic design and landscape architecture. Early educators believed that a rural setting would promote classical learning as well as serve to insulate scholars from disease and vices like alcohol and gambling. The Senatus Academicus was tasked with locating just such an ideal setting to establish a proposed university in Georgia.

UGA and Athens, GA

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For more information and the history of the Senatus Academicus UGA Founders UGA Athens, GA see Building UGA,   Georgia Garden,   UGA Arch and UGA: "The Arch" in Society, Architecture and Print as well as donation information for: Georgia Bulldog Club / UGA Student Organizations.

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Commissioned by the University of Georgia in May 2003, the architectural rendering in pen & ink "Senatus Academicus" design by Brian E. Ussery is the Official Licensed Indicia of the University of Georgia® Athens, GA U.S.A. and may not be downloaded, modified, or otherwise used without the express written permission of beussery™ and the University of Georgia®. Printed in the USA, marketed world-wide and produced exclusively by beussery™ imagery co., a CLC Authorized OLCP Manufacturer in full compliance member FLA, ILO.

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