Latest SEO for Flash Method Proven Suboptimal

Sites claiming to offer a new, innovative solution for "Flash SEO" called SWFAddress aka "Deep Links", "Deep Linking" and/or other. Unfortunately, these sites are promoting techniques based on SWFAddress which is a method for Flash SEO that I've blogged about, taken the creator to task on and that even he admits, is sub-optimal in terms of SEO!

"The case is valid. Deep links with anchors published on other sites will tell Google to index the start page."
- Google Groups

Not to worry though because identifying sites using SWFAddress is easy! If a Flash site uses #anchors (a pound sign) in it's URLs chances are it's using SWFAddress. The problem with this SWFAddress is that it functions in only one direction, or so to speak.

Google ignores the #anchor in SWFAddress URLs as well as the entire path following the #anchor in URL. When users with Flash cut and paste a link from their address bar into their blog, digg and/or Linkedin, Google ignores everything starting with the #anchor and as a result misallocates keyword relevancy and PageRank to the "start page".

Some credit where it's due would have been nice but, either way I commend the good folks at Asual for their efforts as well as the new "COPY LINK TO CLIPBOARD" link in the footer of there SEO sample pages.