“Deltalina” Delta Airlines + YouTube

Atlanta, GA based Delta Airlines is using YouTube.com in an interesting new way! Delta hopes their YouTube video will increase brand awareness, Delta's online presence as well as safety on Delta's flights. "Deltalina" as it has come to be known is a play on the name Delta Airlines and Angelina Jolie who some say the 33 year old stewardess featured in the video resembles. Either way the video posted at YouTube is simply Delta Airlines' flight safety video made available online. Kudos to Delta for using video content and making it available online at no additional cost to Delta. In addition to YouTube.com, this story has been featured a number of other places therefore only increasing Delta's ROI for the production. As of the date of this post the video has been viewed 290,412 times and "Deltalina" has received one marriage proposal.

- beu