Google’s April Fools Day 2008

Google is at it again in 2008 for April Fools Day with two jokes so far Google Project Virgle and Google Custom Time available via

Google's Project Virgle offers up a 100 year plan starting in 2010 and ending in 2108. If Sergey and Larry don't convince you then you can apply on your own. Either way for now at least projet Virgle is a joke.

Google's Gmail Custom Time offers users the option to make any email sent to the past appear in the proper chronological order in their recipient's inbox as if the email had been sent on time but with a limit of ten per year.

In case you've missed this tradition in years past check out Project Teaspoon, Google Romance, Google Gulp, PigeonRank, Google Copernicus or others.

Happy April Fools Day

- beu