iPhone 2.0 Software & Apple iPhone App Store

iPhone 2.0 Software

As you know iPhone 3g launches tomorrow but, if you'd like to check out the new 2.0 Software and Apple iPhone "App Store" here it is:

Please note, you may delete the contents of your phone (as I did) if you don't back up your contents first.

How to install iPhone 2.0 software on your iPhone
Backup your data

Backup your data

Download iTunes 7.7

Download install iPhone 2.0 software

Connect phone

In iTunes hold down option while selecting "Check for Updates"

At that point it will take your phone about 18 minutes to update.

Then iPhone will setup as a new phone or restore.

Restore from the backup you did in the beginning.

The new software seems to work well with Gmail as well as other Google applications. The camera feature asks if I'd like to use my location even though it's not the 3g version. Google Maps has a cool "wavy" look and feel when acquiring a new location. The new iPhone 2.0 software "fetch" feature works well and is a new twist on iPhone.