Try Google’s New Experiment

As you know Google is always testing new tools designed to improve their user's search experience. One such experiment, actually launched last November but seems to have been modified, relaunched and is again drawing lots of attention. This latest version allows users to influence their own search experience by adding moving and/or removing search results. These actions are made possible thanks to Google's "Like it?", "Don't like it", "Know of a better webpage?" and "Make a comment" options.

The new experiment goes another step, allowing users new options like "Everyone's edits", "Review edits" and "Exit edit mode" options. Some are even comparing the interface with digg. The cool "new options" allow users to see their edits and edits made by others via their Google Account profile. To try this experiment, go to the old experiment, then login to your Google Account and then search or while logged in try one of the links below. The new experiment should kick in automatically while still available!

swm=2 seems to indicate everyone's edits

swm=1 seems to indicate "my edits"

swm=0 seems to indicate "exit edit mode"

Google Edit Choices

Google Edits

Google Edit Image