Monthly Archives: May 2009

I just posted the following at

"Announced last week at Google Searchology, "Google Squared" seems to be close to launch! The URL had been an "Error" but now resolves to a page that says:

"Google Squared – Coming Soon

Google Squared will be coming soon. For now, why not have fun squaring some numbers?"

The page contains a few interesting "Easter Eggs" that include Time Square and 42....

As you know Google recently caused havoc for some analytics platforms by including #anchors (aka pound signs, fragment identifiers) in SERP URLs. Just a quick post today to mention they're back! Noticed #anchors in my SERPs this morning and I've been seeing them on and off all day.

Update - Matt Cutts confirmed this issue last week but I haven't seen any hints of the new testing until now. Hat tip to Barry for the 411! :) Thanks to Ionut Alex Chitu for emailing to also point out that Google's new Wonder Wheel feature launched earlier this week, always uses AJAX URLs with #anchors. It's going to be interesting to see what impact this change has on various tools, something to be aware of for sure....