Monthly Archives: February 2010

Google Buzz allows users to "autofollow" contacts in their Gmail account. Buzz allows users to share Tweets, photos and more! This new service launched today and provides a rich, fast, sharing experience which combines both public and private sharing in Gmail. Inbox integration is a new feature which allows social interaction within Gmail. Buzz takes a Google approach in terms of removing noise from actual content that users want when interacting socially. Buzz ties Picasa, Twitter and other social networks into Gmail. In addition to Gmail, Buzz will soon be available in Google Enterprise Applications.

Organizing the worlds social information is a big new problem that Google wants to solve. In addition to the web application, Buzz has a mobile application as well. Like PageRank the original social graph, Google asked how to make sense out of social posts to gain relevancy. Location is one important signal in terms of how engines determine relevancy for any task. One problem with using location is that not all users are lat/long aware. Google has invested heavily over the past decade in GEO aware applications.

Buzz will be available on mobile devices via GPS at Google will then translate lat long locations into a more human friendly terms. For example are you at Google? At the "mobile place page" on wireless devices Google combines all information about location returning it to the user. Users can also choose to see all "the Buzz" near their location using the nearby function via GEO tags.

In terms of SEO these Buzz, results are instantly indexed. Here are a few images from the Google Buzz event on Tuesday.