Monthly Archives: May 2010

Google SSL search launched last week and provides users with an encrypted and secure connection when searching online via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is the same protocol used for securing a wide variety of Internet services. Like secure shopping carts, this new feature is designed to prevent information from being intercepted either in transit or by third parties. Security is achieved in part due to the fact that SSL turns off the user's browser referrer data. Without referrer data, web analytics can't accurately track user interactions.

Just because you don't see traffic from Google SSL doesn't mean it isn't there...

The first day of Google IO 2010 is over here in San Francisco, CA. It was pretty typical as IOs go but a few things are clear. The web is getting much older and lots of folks are joining the family. Google IO 2010 was packed to the point of being almost uncomfortable at times today. I noticed dozens of folks being turned away from specific sessions today because rooms had already reached capacity, there were WiFi issues, I noticed snacks running out earlier than at previous IOs and at one point even the escalators had to be reset to run the opposite direction. As far as Google is concerned though, I'd have to imagine there are worse problems to have.

In terms of news, I think tomorrow will prove to be "the big day" but a few interesting things happened today…

During Google's press briefing, Co-Founder Sergey Brin was asked about Street View cars and the unintended collection of WiFi data. Brin replied by saying, "We screwed up, I'm not going to make any excuses about it." He went on to point out the importance of trust at Google and talked about steps being taken to avoid future issues. When not briefing members of the press, Brin was out and about in public and with developers.

Today's big announcement was Chrome Web Store which will open later this year. In addition, Google announced WebM a new video format and opened Wave to the public. On Thursday, Google is expected to release a new version of Android aka "Froyo" that supports Flash. In addition, there is speculation that Google will announce a new television product as well a few other surprises. My money though, is on the release of a new Google Tablet or netbook but, only time will tell.

For photos and video from Google IO 2010, check out my Picasa and YouTube.