Monthly Archives: June 2010 is a two month old domain name owned by an individual in Russia. It has roughly 500,000 pages indexed by Google and a homepage PageRank of 2 despite being entirely duplicate content. According to Compete the site gets 125k unique visitors per month but, I have a feeling these visitors all think they're using

AT&T all but killed innovation for customers new and old earlier this month when it eliminated "Unlimited" mobile data as a core offering to new customers. With this move, AT&T has placed third party limitations between not only the developer and the platform but also the consumer and Apple. Because of AT&T's move, it's going to cost mobile application developers more to develop new apps. Fewer folks are likely to download these new apps due to cost concerns and fewer free apps are likely to be available. Such restrictions make consumers think twice about using the mobile web, much less extra services like iTunes and Android Market.

While none of this is good news, unless you're AT&T, things could get interesting. AT&T is and has been Apple's proprietary service provider since day one and Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs just recently "defriended" Adobe for an overall lack of innovation. What comes next, seems pretty clear! ;) Oh well, maybe next year will be "the year for mobile".

It is still pretty interesting that folks like Fox News obviously still don't understand search engines. One recent article states, "BP is being accused of trying to manipulate the search results on sites like Google and Yahoo, as it attempts to salvage its battered image following the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico." First of all there is an oil spill or oil spilling in the Gulf of Mexico it's not just a slick. Second of all these results are clearly marked as "Sponsored" in search results. Third, according to Google the estimated cost for these terms is far lower than Fox or the Fiscal Times alleges. This article is basically all spin or just incorrect information. Either way, there is no manipulation and "big bucks" don't appear to be changing hands. EDF and also appear in "Sponsored" results for the same terms.