Did the Russians take Bing?

Worksheetsengine.com is a two month old domain name owned by an individual in Russia. It has roughly 500,000 pages indexed by Google and a homepage PageRank of 2 despite being entirely duplicate content. According to Compete the site gets 125k unique visitors per month but, I have a feeling these visitors all think they're using Bing.com.

2 thoughts on “Did the Russians take Bing?

  1. Wysz

    Weird. Looks like the domain name is pointing to Microsoft though:

    $ host worksheetsengine.com
    worksheetsengine.com has address

    $ host bing.com
    bing.com has address

  2. Brian Ussery

    Post author

    Hey Wysz,

    Thanks your comment and hope all is well! I wanted to mention it, because it does seem like a bit of an odd situation.

    Any idea how something like this happens? Do you think Google would consider this malicious?


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