Google TV Review

In case you missed it, Logitech finally released Revue for Google TV. While I'm really excited about the Revue launch and Google TV, I'm a little concerned by Google TV's website. I know, Google doesn't have the best "track record" when it comes things like SEM but, is especially bad.

The new Google TV minisite has two duplicate "homepages", one in Flash and one not in Flash. This kind of duplicate content acts to thin both keyword relevancy and PageRank. In addition to thinning, Google filters non-malicious duplicate content from SERPs. Neither one of Google TV's homepages provide properly formatted meta descriptions in fact, the meta description for the non-Flash version is empty and has a different TITLE element than the Flash version. As far as content, neither one of Google TV's homepages provide accurate "alternative" textual content for users without Flash and/or JavaScript. For tracking they seem to be using a customized version of Google Analytics possibly even with heat mapping functionality but, it fires before the onload event which slows PageSpeed and degrades user experience.