Google Glass: Google Integration

Google Glass Ads

What paid advertisements might look like in Google Glass.

Google Glass view of ocean trench in Google Earth

What an ocean trench in Google Earth might look like when viewed through Google Glass.

Google Glass Street view

What Google's Streeview page for the Metropolitan Museum in New York City might look like in Google Glass.

Last week, Google revealed project Glass. Google Glass is a new software and hardware platform designed to help users explore and share their world, by putting the user "back in the moment." Interestingly, Google's "Glass" video did not include paid advertisements, virtual reality simulations, video display and did not make any clear references to integration with other Google properties. There are already competitors for Google's Glass hardware and several different prototypes are currently being tested.

Google Shaded Glasses

In addition to the clear prototype revealed last week, when Google Glass is made available to the public, expect to see a shaded version that incorporates video monitoring functionality for integration with other Google products like GoogleTV, YouTube, Google Earth, Google Streetview and Google Maps.

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  1. kennethm

    Very interesting technology! Now I see one company (Hit Laboratories) tested the appeal with US consumers with very good results, could be a big success.

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