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As you know I'm always looking for ways to help Flash developers make content accessible to search engines. Today I received a link to a site claiming to have the answer to that age old question, "How to SEO Flash"?

The site claims to have a sample of "SEO SWFAddress 2.0" code that "provides a better separation between the content and the presentation." Better than what I'm not sure! Either way, the urls in the "SEO sample" still contain #anchors. Googlebot ignores #anchors in URLs and I'm really hoping "SWFObject 2.0" isn't based around such a myth!

A good example of this is Google's cache of "SEO Sample" portfolio 2.
Here is what the user sees:

As you can see the two pages are different and that is called cloaking!

- Sample from SWFAddress 2.0 Website