There have been a number of recent posts focused on link building and finding quality inbound links. In addition to those better known sites offering non-nofollowed link love, here are some other examples you may not have noticed.

  • Blogger - The new "Blogs I Follow" feature doesn't seem to nofollow outbound links.
  • Google Notebook - Google's notebook is still nofollow free from direct inbound links...
  • Google Panoramio (photos in Google Maps/Earth) - is a good place for links but you'll need a little content.
  • Google Profiles - one place to find all your social network and blog links.
  • Google Knol - In case you missed it, once you've achieved "trusted" author status, the juice follows!
  • Facebook - That's right, it seems as though some search savvy marketers have been using Facebook's "closed" social network for open link love. The example above changes frequently but you'll see what I mean in short order...
  • Twitter - Have you noticed Twitter's mobile pages in SERPs recently? They seem to be passing PageRank...
  • Pownce - Despite extinction, Pownce appears to be the gift that keeps giving in 2009!
  • MyBlogLog - A personal favorite that gives a little link love to users.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all and remember to link safely in 2009!

Currently available by invitation only, Google's Knol tool is for experts wishing to share "units of knowledge" online. Posted on Google's Blog and first reported on SearchEngineWatch Forum and Google Blogoscoped Form, Knol invites readers to "voice your opinion, write your own knol" and includes elements like by lines, wikis, article ratings, author rankings, views, edits, peer reviews, comments, resources, book listings, references as well as an area for reader comments. Knol includes options to use licensed images from sources like Flickr and ads by Google. Google says they will not edit or bless content posted by Knols.