Webmaster Tools

Be on the look out for shiny new Google Webmaster Tools this holiday season! On Monday, the elves at Google Webmaster Central started shipping a special "Holiday update" that just might be your favorite gift (although the cr-48 ain't bad either :). Either way, these new tools provide users with exclusive access to Google's organic query data. Best of all, there are no special instructions, very little setup and no assembly is required.

The new "Top Pages" report provides some of the most accurate user data available. This data includes impression share by URL, click data by URL, click through rates by URL, average position in Google's organic search results by URL and keyword and even tracks changes over time for each. Any and/or all of this data can then be filtered either by search type, location, popularity or by specific date range. For those dreaming of pretty picture presents this holiday, let Google Webmaster Tools paint sugar plums in your head with it's new report ready graphics.

"And Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid And Donner and Blitzen. But do you recall your most favorite reindeer of all?" While each new feature is sure to put stars in someone's eyes, intermediate links is my most favorite one of them all. This is the only place for webmasters and savvy search marketers to find information about invisible redirects scroogeing their data, an issue that I've been complaining about for YEARS.

Thanks GWT Team and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all, each and every one!