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The long awaited product launch of Google's mythical GPhone is set for Tuesday Jan 5, 2010. "Nexus One" is much more than just another geeky toy for drooling gadgeteers. Its Snapdragon processor is perhaps the fastest chipset in smartphones today. It's waaaaaay faster and obviously much cooler than your grandfather's iPhone. Compared with iPhone, Google's Nexus One is thinner, has a larger screen, higher resolution display, longer better battery life, superior imaging capabilities and best of all, the Google phone isn't tied to AT&T.

Great, how does a phone impact interactive marketing ROI?

Today, 33 percent of consumers want to shop online via mobile but don't because of slow loading pages. Faster processors in mobile devices, on faster networks result in the perception of faster loading pages which increases sales. More mobile sales, translates into more ad revenue for Google and potentially on a scale not seen before. Mobile is a rapidly growing shopping channel but, still dependent on speed and site performance optimization.