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As mentioned on Blogoscoped.com, I did a radio interview this week with Jeff Horwich about Google. It was a lot of fun and thanks again to Georgia Public Broadcasting as well as Minnesota Public Radio for making me sound so good!

"The Week" September 12, 2008 from In The Loop. (My interview starts about 14 minutes into the show and is available at npr.org/...)

"* Congress back in session: Will they actually get anything done? We talk with Kathryn Pearson of the University of Minnesota.

* Trouble naming your baby? Sarah Palin's here to help.

* Brian Ussery of Blogoscoped.com joins us for The Week in Google (it was a big week)

* The Wall Street Journal's Vanessa O'Connell on new employee management software

* "Too Big to Fail"...sounds like a John Prine song to me"