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Earlier today Google launched www.wesolveforx.com. This site is reported to be the new website for Google's highly Top Secret "X-Lab project" but, one secret is already out.

The content seen by users at www.wesolveforx.com actually resides on an internet marketing agency's website http://www.thinkbelieveact.com/solveforx/. Meaning that Google's new site www.wesolveforx.com, is currently little more than a domain name. To make things worse, this content is indexed on the agency's website by both the www and non-www versions of the URL.

Background information aside, what interests me is that my +1 for www.wesolveforx.com was actually credited to Google's agency website www.thinkbelieveact.com instead of where I intended. While this makes sense given the technical issue at hand, Google's agency does appear to be benefiting in some ways from this situation. To be fair though, this situation may not have been easily avoidable because adding the +1 button to pages causes Google to ignore disallow directives in robots.txt and meta noindex tags. For that reason, maybe some trade-offs had to be made I'm not sure.

Either way, it seems like preventing +1 buttons from appearing in framed content might be a good idea?

UPDATE: Larry Page mentioned earlier today that the new site is now live. The new site is now live but as of the time of this update, the pages on Google's agency site are also still live.